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A home inspection is a critical step in determining the condition of a property before purchase. The Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC) and its members want consumers and those providing referrals for home inspection services to have confidence they are choosing a qualified professional"  to read more click here www.phpic.ca

PHPIC is a non-profit organization promoting excellence and professionalism in our industry. We require that PHPIC directors and home inspector members abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice developed by The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

PHPIC is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the National Initiative for Canadian home and property inspectors across Canada.
Through its mandate PHPIC represents the interests of its members’ and the public by promoting and enhancing member’s professionalism and competency. To become a full PHPIC member, one must achieve National Certification. By achieving this highest level of competency, in the Canadian home inspection profession, PHPIC awards its members the prestigious PHPI™ (Professional Home and Property Inspector) designation of excellence.

PHPIC is dedicated to helping every Canadian Home Inspector achieve their PHPI™ designation.  This ensures consumers, governments, stakeholders, all associated agencies and professionals across Canada that its full members have undergone the highest degree of third party evaluation available.

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