a.c.i.s.s. Home & Commercial Inspection Consultants

Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult.

Many people choose an inspector based on price only…

We charge more – yes we charge more than most inspectors because we offer more and you deserve more such as our PHUN motto:

Professional – trained and qualified inspectors, from mechanical, engineering and construction backgrounds

Honest - An Educational Inspection, we educate you about the operation and maintenance of the home



Un-biased Inspection – regardless of who recommended you to ACISS, we work in your best interests

Non-Alarmist – because all homes need some repairs, we identify those that are really important

We also provide:

1 - Inspection report on site after the inspection

2 – digital photos of the components we have examined

3 – A FREE RETURN INSPECTION to examine any repairs undertaken after the inspection or for any reason you need us to come back for a consultation

Taking the time to read our information will give you the confidence that you need to hire an ACISS Home & Commercial Inspection Consultant.

Allan Spisak
Director & General Manager
B.A. Law, Mech. Eng. Tech.
A.C.I.S.S. Home & Commercial Inspection Consultants

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